Ecdysis Album Review

by Mat Smith at Further.

“The result is an album that is both deeply personal for its creator and yet universally shared: we have all transformed ourselves whether through circumstance or the decisions we make; we were all once children experiencing a world stretching out in front of us, making mistakes and finding ourselves as we go; we have all shed many skins, both physically and metaphorically. Ecdysis’s powerful and utterly captivating conceit is to focus you in on that which once was, who we are right now, and what we might yet become.”

“The overall effect is one of mysticism and mystical moments–even though Alexandra tells me that the piece is about ‘“perennial fear”’ growing like a mold inside the subject’s body, a reflection of unrequited love and separate emotions,’ the feelings I get are more of reverence for the process of amid the difficulties and uncertainties of life. It’s a beautiful, exciting, complex, fully-realized piece of work.”


Five Questions with The Tasty Turntable

“From the opening notes of track one on Alexandra's hauntingly beautiful new release, Ecdysis, through the album's coda, "Cycles", this multi-talented, Portland-based artist casts off all inhibitions to create a deeply personal soundscape that defies categorization. The layered work brings new discoveries with each listen.”

There are only so many words in the English language to describe something beautiful. Alluring, elegant, divine, bewitching, sublime, but Ali Burress has somehow exhausted my vocabulary with her spellbinding music.
— The Deli Magazine

“Blessed with the ability to pause the passing of time with just one breath of her enchanting vocal, Burress’ work feels heavily informed by long stretches of the night lost to the act of self-exploration and all the ups and down such a thing invariably brings.”


"Each song is a different part of herself, and she has this way of taking the darkest and loveliest parts of life, and constructing them into melodious harmonies and guitar accompanies."

KXSU Interview

"The songs are fascinating and melancholic as they describe emotions and experiences that feel all too personal and intimate. This wouldn't be achieved if it for Burress' soft, surreal vocals that seamlessly weave with the array of acoustic guitar elements within all the five tracks of the EP." 

Amaize Mag Interview

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 11.14.50 AM.png

"Ali’s warm yet powerful voice blew us away with image-filled lyricism and a swaying guitar rhythm that hooked us again and again with each verse. Ali’s natural flow through each song made this session truly special, and we can’t wait to show you the other songs she performed!"

"Guitar-fueled, nature-inspired singer/songwriter stuff from Ali Burress, touching on the complicated-yet-rewarding nature of interpersonal relationship."

Portland Mercury Show

A spectral, independent triumph, 'This Is Where' is its blossoming lead track."

The Autumn Roses

"Her voice has a lightness to it that spreads throughout the track, creating this warmth." 

Abduction Radiation

"The gauzy production helps Burress's songs feel inviting. Even as she grapples with change and determining the kind of person she wants to grow into, Dwell is a comforting album. Burress has nothing left to lose and everything to gain -- as such, these songs are imbued with urgency while simultaneously soothing both the listener and the artist." 

Adobe and Teardrops