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Last summer, freshly buzzing with inspiration after a five-week European tour, Alexandra (formerly Ali Burress) was eager to begin production on her fourth studio album. The songs of Ecdysis ([ek-duh-sis], the shedding of an older skin) cocoon listeners in a sense of childlike wonder and exploration—perhaps because Alexandra recorded and mixed the album entirely in her childhood home in San Diego. Encased in a more mature production style than her previous albums, Ecdysis is an 8-song ode to our inner child. Entranced by the processes of molting and metamorphosis, the 21-year-old Portland songwriter/producer speaks to how perfectionism can block the flow of creative consciousness, the trials of remaining openhearted and vulnerable in a world that wants to harden us, and reopening our innate receptivity to the messages being communicated to us in the dream world and waking life.

Inspired by relentless whisperings of the sea, chattering crickets in tall grass, and bubbling waterfall alcoves in deep forests, the trance-like rhythms of Ecdysis induce the feeling of flying in a dream; soaring above luminous, shifting terrain. Alexandra describes her recording process as finding a sonic home—somewhere she can comfortably return after periods of wandering to map the inner and outer landscapes she has explored. The sonic atmospheres Alexandra produces are shaped by her deep connection to nature and a childhood spent roaming the globe, which created constellation lines in her psyche spanning across mountain ranges, desert sands, and turquoise waters.

Ecdysis released July 26th, 2019 on Spirit House Records.

“Blessed with the ability to pause the passing of time with just one breath of her enchanting vocal, Burress’ work feels heavily informed by long stretches of the night lost to the act of self-exploration and all the ups and down such a thing invariably brings…” - GoldFlakePaint

“There are only so many words in the English language to describe something beautiful. Alluring, elegant, divine, bewitching, sublime, but Ali Burress has somehow exhausted my vocabulary with her spellbinding music.” - The Deli Magazine

“…fascinating and melancholic as they describe emotions and experiences that feel all too personal and intimate.” - Amaize Mag

“…imbued with urgency while simultaneously soothing both the listener and the artist.” - Adobe and Teardrops

“Here I go ripping apart my membrane / to make room for art / What did I say? / What did I say?” - Alexandra, “Membrane”



1. River Snake

2. Pulverized

3. In the Light

4. Roller

5. Membrane

6. She Turns to the Sun/Growing Pains

7. Muse

8. Cycles


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