by Alexandra

A tiny stone plunging in the water - creating a small *tap* when it hits larger stones at the bottom of the pond. A snake rubbing its head against one stone to remove the old skin. Excess weight. Before the molting process, a snake will hide away and refrain from eating. A quietness must surround the body before the voices swirl inside of it.

Voices swirling inside the body. Nomadic - wild - restless - fleeting. I wish to express all feelings about this album in these words but they rest in these songs. The region of no words but senses. No sentences. Smooth baby skin is revealing itself with each new day, flaking off the mortal layer of the past.


released July 26, 2019

Recorded and mixed by Alexandra
Seagull/ocean sample on "Membrane" and "She Turns to the Sun/Growing Pains" by Devon Rawlings
All other samples by Alexandra

Mastered by Sarah Register