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Inspired by the relentless whisperings of the sea, chattering crickets in tall grasses, and hidden alcoves in the deep forest, Alexandra evokes a similar rhythmic trance and tactile sensuality with the melodies she writes and records. Alexandra describes music as finding a sonic home—somewhere she can comfortably retreat to in order to map out life's shifting tides. Her bond with the ocean and desert is evident in her music and became so deeply personal after spending twelve years in San Diego, California. At 19, Alexandra longed for a different landscape—one with crisper air and changing seasons. Curiosity led Alexandra to Portland, Oregon in 2017 and this is where she has been building her music sanctuary ever since.

All of Alexandra’s recordings have been solely produced by her, excluding an EP that she released when she was 15. With the help of her music teacher and a friendly sound engineer, Alexandra was able to track four personal teenage tracks. While she was grateful for the support of those with more experience, Alexandra began to realize that she yearned for a more involved role during the recording process. Thus, 5-song EP This Wind (2016), single "Reconciling" (2016), Dwell EP (2017), and her forthcoming album, Ecdysis, were all written and produced by Alexandra.

Since her last release, Alexandra has toured the Pacific Northwest and seven countries throughout Europe. Her forthcoming release, Ecdysis, experiments with electronic elements and ambient atmospheres. Her taste in music has shifted from singer-songwriter/folk to experimental, ambient, and electronic. Alexandra has just started to dip her toes in the pool of musical possibilities and is beyond ecstatic to share these new discoveries with the world.

Ecdysis releases July 26th, 2019

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